Georgia Civil War Cemeteries


Oakland Cemetery

[334451N, 842230W]





There are approximately 70,000 graves in Oakland Cemetery.

Some 6,900 are Confederate soldiers who died in Atlanta hospitals or on nearby battlefields.

There are approximately 3,000 unknown Confederate graves.

The cemetery is the burial place for eight CSA Generals.

Inscription on Left Column

Established 1851

Inscription on Right Column

Porter King, Mayor

Cemetery Committee

J.C. Woodward, Chmn.

H.T Inman

M.L. Tolbert

Confederate graves with Union Graves in the foreground.

Read about the Union Graves

Clement Anselm Evans


Brig. Gen. CSA

Capt. James W Fulkerson

Co C 22nd Reg Tenn Vol

Died of wounds received at Missionary Ridge

Jan 20 1864

William Ambrose Wright

Officer CSA

Jan. 19, 1844 - Sept. 13, 1929

Alfred Iverson, Jr

Brig. General, CSA

Feb. 14, 18?? - March 31, 1911

Dr. Noel d'Alvigny

Surgeon, CSA

Saved the Atlanta Medical College building.

When Sherman burned Atlanta.

Dr. Noel d'Alvigny

Confederate Graves

Confederate Graves

Confederate Graves

Unknown Confederate Dead Monument

Obelisk Honoring Confederate Dead

Inscription on Obelisk Honoring Confederate Dead

Where Hood Watched the Battle of Atlanta GHM 060-109

Marker at north part of Oakland Cemetery

John Brown Gordon

Major General CSA

1832 - 1904

John Brown Gordon

Major General CSA

Feb. 6, 1832 - June 9, 1904

View of Atlanta from Oakland Cemetery










































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